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(above left:) Fenton Folk Art Rooster Box, #4680 NA, YOP: 1996.
This is the first Fenton Rooster Box painted in the Folk Art motif,
although other 4680 Rooster Boxes were painted prior to 1996.
Hand-Painted and airbrushed on an Ivory base, with hand rubbed
guilding (gold) as the finish for this Folk Art Collection piece.
(above right:) Fenton Folk Art Hen on Nest, #5186 NH, YOP:
5" Hen on Nest painted in the 1996 Folk Art motif, as a
companion to the Rooster Box of that same year. Like the
rooster box this hen on nest is hand-Painted and airbrushed on
an Ivory base with hand rubbed guilding (gold) the finish.
Stacy Williams' Bleu Chateau design is similar to Kim Barley's
Blue Toile motif used for the previous year on the same
mould & both are considered French Country. Subtle but
visible differences between the two designs include-the
Bleu Chateau motif which features a beautiful design
centered on  each side painted with shades of blue and
yellow on Ivory satin glass, but with less blue on this tail
than the Blue Toile design has.

The Blue Toile design features blue on ivory with fine,
curled trailers accenting small floral bunches, over most of
the rooster, with no yellow to the color palette, and with
more blue on the rooster's head and his tail.  

The Bleu Chateau motif features a beautiful design using
blue and yellow on Ivory satin but with less blue on the
rooster's tail than the Blue Toile design has.  The Bleu
Chateau design also has painted fringe accenting the cowl,
with more unpainted ivory left showing on the face.

NOTE: The 4.5" rooster box mould purchased at  L.G.
Wright's going out of business sale was immediately popular
with Fenton collectors. To date this rooster box mould was
only produced in-line by Fenton as factory decorated wares
with painted designs.
(below) Fenton 8-1/2" Standing Rooster, ware 5257 FV, YOP:
 This ivory rooster has been decorated with the 1998 Folk
Art Animals motif, designed by Robin Spindler to feature soft
country shades of rose, rust, sage painted on the ivory glass
(below) Fenton Rooster Box, #6483 DD, YOP:
 This 4 1/2" Fenton Rooster Box features an
Ivory Satin rooster top decorated with Stacy
Williams' beautiful Bleu Chateau motif on a Cobalt
Satin base.   
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unnamed. The facts are stated to the best of our knowledge, based on
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other sites and printed media listed in this site's Bibliography.

Special dedication to a true friend and
special mentor, Mrs. Shirley Smith, a
renowned expert on Covered Animal Dishes, and a keynote Speaker, and
author of Glass Hen on Nest Dishes-which all with an interest in any
type of Glass Hen on Nest m
ust own.

Others who helped this site come to fruition are members of the Fenton eGroup,
those interested in Fenton we introduced to the eGroup, other Fenton hen on
nest enthusiasts including Frank Sereno, with a special  note of appreciation to
the late Mrs. Sharon Bragg, who started me on the path to learning all I could
about Fenton's hens and roosters, most of which occupied our Fenton Curio Coop,
when Sharon asked me to assist with completing the hen and rooster section of
the Fenton Animal Data Base, Sharon's "baby."  It was through working with Sharon
early on, that led to me on the path to finding a wonderful friend, mentor and
teachers, such as Mrs. Shirley Smith.
This site about Fenton's Art Glass Hens, Roosters, and other Fenton poultry was designed, created and hosted, for all who share an interest in brand name Fenton Art Glass Hens, Roosters, and
their other art glass poultry,
all produced in the USA from the early 1950's until the company closed in 2012.  To the delight of collectors, Fenton's growing roster of standing and sitting roosters,
their large and small Rooster Boxes, hen on nest dishes, and the fairly rare Fenton Turkey Boxes continue to be produced in the USA by Fenton. This is despite changes in their corporate policies
which required the production of some Fenton wares to be manufactured overseas, a necessary change in order for Fenton to stay in business.   

For over a century the Fenton brand name was synonymous with quality glass made in the USA.
 However, as of 2007 that was no longer the case with all Fenton Art Glass wares.  Fenton hen and
rooster enthusiasts were happy to learn that despite the massive restructuring of the Fenton Art Glass Company in 2007 resulting in the out-sourcing of production of some wares to other
 However, Fenton's Hens, Roosters and Turkey Boxes continued to be made in the USA, until the company ceased production of all wares.  An exception to this is the Fenton glass rooster
Christmas ornament, which is not made in the USA, as many Holiday Ornaments of quality are.  As of 2012, Fenton's Hen on Nest dishes, Rooster Boxes, and their standing and "Shelf Sitter"
roosters were produced by Fenton in the USA, with new logos added to Fenton's roster of logos indicating what each of the various logos represented.  

2012 saw the last of Fenton's newly produced inline hens on nest dishes, rooster boxes, other roosters, chickens, and turkey boxes, when after fighting to keep the company going, the furnaces of
Fenton Art Glass were forced to shut down and cool permanently-after more than 100 years of producing glass of highest quality-made in the USA.

Today,  Fenton maintains success as a collectible on many secondary online & brick and mortar market venues, including eBay-but must BUYERS BEWARE!

Fenton Hen And Rooster is a site comprised of several sections each of which addresses a wide range of topics, relative to enjoying the art of collecting brand Fenton Art Glass poultry via the many
venues currently available on the Internet.   The site's page called Introduction to Online Fenton hen and rooster Collecting has helpful tips and information about why Buyers should beware-which
the following section about the Features and Characteristics of Fenton's hen on nest forms takes a few steps further.  Additional tips, notes and information about why Buyers should Beware  when
buying Fenton from photos and written descriptions, such as those found on eBay, can also be found throughout the site.  

Individual Sections are included about each Fenton Hen on Nest and Rooster moulds, including their Chicken Servers & Hen Egg Plates, the 8" hen on the smooth and  later scalloped rim nests,
the 5" hen on nest, both sizes of Rooster Boxes, the three sizes of Standing Roosters, "Shelf Sitter" Roosters, Mini Hens, Turkey Boxes, & special ordered Art Glass poultry produced by Fenton,
such as the Rosalene pieces, marked with HCA and made in Limited Editions, per special order by the Heisey Collector's Association, to be made using the Heisey moulds.  

PC displays & monitors do not always show colors as they actually appear in person, which can make determining which Fenton colors are which, especially from online photos, difficult at best.  
Learning to recognize Fenton's colors and the assortment of treatments used on their glass, including their hens and roosters is helpful to avoid duplicate purchases, or the purchase of a hen or
rooster listed as Burmese, when it is not.  

All too often a Seller unfamiliar with Fenton's colors and glass treatments tend to describe Fenton's colors in their own words, or call painted works "Burmese Glass," which can be misleading and
, to say the least.  One seller's "green" may be another seller's "blue," especially when using  computer displays which can and do vary in how they show colors.  Frequently sellers
describe Fenton's painted hens and roosters as Burmese, when they are white satin that's been hand painted.  As of January 2013, with Fenton no longer producing glass, there has never been a
Burmese hen on nest of any mould produced inline by Fenton.   Burmese is often mistakenly used to describe painted hens and roosters, however since Fenton leaves the underside of their wares,
and the interiors of their Hen on Nest and Rooster Box moulds unpainted, the original color is visible for the seller, and should also be for potential buyers, via quality photos.

To help solve the color issue, a Section on Color with Photo Galleries, has been included as the perfect companion for the Sections about the specific hens, roosters and other poultry forms produced
by Fenton.  These Galleries feature the various Fenton colors, glass types, and the decorative designs of Fenton's poultry forms which are known to have been produced with notes about the colors
and treatments.

Due to the exponential growth of the site, and the many photos used throughout each Section,  re-uploading it has required it to be done section by section. This time consuming process is well
underway, and all links should be up and running again soon. A new site wide Search Engine will be uploaded last.  

To begin learning more about Fenton Hens, Roosters, and other poultry, and buying from online sources click on the underlined links or the Navigation Bar at the top of this page to open the other
 Information about Navigating the Site, what to expect from this site, which topics are covered-and why are listed on the Index and Table of Contents page, a link to which can be found at the
top and bottom of this page.  For ease in navigating the site, we've included detailed information about the topics contained in each Section in the Index and Table of Contents.  A small Index
containing the basic contents of each page is also conveniently located on the upper left side of each Section.

Please pardon our ongoing site construction. We believe it is important to re-upload what is ready now, even if some sections, and the entire site isn't ready for uploading. We've elected to do this
because we believe the site is beneficial to our fellow collectors.  Enjoy your visit, and check back with us again soon as more continues to be added. Feel free to contact us if there's a topic you'd
like to see covered.
We hope you enjoy your visit and will check back again as more information and photos are added. Happy hunting!

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